3 Things That Can Harm Your Workers’ Compensation Case in Illinois

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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After a worker has been injured on the job in Illinois, the natural course of action is often to file a workers’ compensation claim to recover benefits for medical expenses and disability pay. However, while a worker may assume that filing a workers’ compensation claim is cut and dry, it is important to be aware of actions that may reduce the chances of a claim being approved. If you are injured on the job in Illinois, be sure to avoid these three workers’ compensation blunders:

1. Failing to Notify Your Employer of Your Injury in Time

While notifying your employer of a workplace injury may be intimidating, and you may have fears about your employer’s reaction, failing to notify your boss of your workplace injury in a timely manner can result in a delay or denial of benefits. Illinois workers’ compensation law encourages employees to notify their employers as soon as possible, but mandates that employer notification be given within 45 days after the accident has occurred.

2. Missing Doctors’ Appointments

If you miss any of your doctors’ appointments or fail to follow doctors’ instructions, the insurance company responsible for processing your workers’ compensation claim will notice and will hold this against you. In fact, your failure to attend appointments or adhere to medical instructions may imply that your injuries are not as severe as you have claimed them to be, and may result in your benefits being denied or you being ordered back to work earlier than you are ready.

(It goes without saying that doing anything else that may raise doubts about the extent of your injuries should also be avoided, such as lying about your injuries, posting pictures on social media, etc.).

3. Not Hiring an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Not all workers’ compensation claims require the assistance of an attorney. If your benefits have been denied, your injuries are serious, you are being released back to work before you feel you are ready, or if you are experiencing retaliation or other serious issues throughout the workers’ compensation process, it is within your best interest to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney will not only ensure that your claim is filed in the appropriate time frame and manner, but can also file an appeal on your behalf, work with the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim, and more.

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