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4 Steps To Help Prevent Workplace Injuries

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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The National Safety Council reports there are 4.6 million workplace accidents annually. This adds up to a job injury happening every seven seconds! The Council also says the following are the most common workplace injuries:

  • Equipment-related
  • Transportation-related
  • Slips and falls
  • Exposure to chemicals

This article describes some ways to reduce your chances of a workplace injury, But if you are injured on the job, you should talk to a Rockford workplace accidents attorney to determine if you have a case.

Preventing Workplace Injuries

Accidents in the workplace are unplanned events that cause illness, injury, or death. It is impossible to avoid all job accidents, but they can be minimized:

  • Know the dangers of your workplace. For instance, if you work in areas with forklifts, look for people using these machines. Ensure everyone uses the forklifts according to the rules and with the necessary safety equipment.
  • Discuss ways to reduce job-based risks and talk to management about implementing them.
  • Report to management if there are unsafe job conditions.

Ensure The Workplace Is Safe

  • Disorganization and lack of cleanliness lead to many workplace accidents. For example, when work areas are left unkempt, it is much easier for people to trip and have other accidents.
  • Inspect all work vehicles daily and obey all safety and traffic rules.
  • Have everyone on the job site take breaks several times per day. Having five or 10-minute intervals that involve moving around can make people more alert so they can avoid workplace accidents.
  • Be careful to use workplace ergonomics to avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Require Physicals For Difficult Positions

If the work involves intense physical labor, the employer should require physicals and mental health screenings as part of the hiring process. This ensures that every worker can perform their work safely.

For instance, pilots must undergo hearing and vision tests before flying aircraft. Tractor-trailer drivers also must pass physicals every few years to ensure they are in good enough health to drive safely.


Depending on the state and type of workplace, the company may need to provide some kind of PPE to employees. For example, gloves and face masks should be standard safety equipment if the workplace uses chemicals and solvents. If the employer does not provide PPE when needed, report the situation to HR.

Have Regular Job Training

No matter how good the intentions and safety rules are, workers will not know how to stay safe if they are not trained. Workers may need to be trained in some or all of these:

  • Correct lifting methods
  • Ways to handle dangerous chemicals safely
  • How to report accidents
  • Where and how to use fire extinguishers

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