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Are Car Accidents More Common in the Summer?

In the early summer of 2022, bad economic news, like inflation and high-interest rates, dominated the news headlines. Nevertheless, over 80% of American adults plan to take a summer road trip. About half of these people plan to take more than one such trip. The increased summer travel also means an increased risk of summer car accidents. As outlined below, much of this risk is in some unexpected places.

Our Rockford car accident attorneys help these victims from start to finish, 12 months a year. We help accident victims get back on the road by connecting them with top-notch mechanics and replacement vehicle providers. We also run interference with the insurance company, so these victims can simply focus on getting better. Finally, when your case goes to court, we fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

Driver Impairment

Car accidents happen 12 months a year, and drivers are impaired 12 months a year. However, driver impairment, much like the risk of a car accident, is higher during the summer months.

  • Drowsiness: The longer days mean people are awake longer, and they feel like they can push themselves to drive a few more miles after the sun sets. Driving after eighteen consecutive awake hours is like driving while legally drunk.
  • Alcohol: Many summer holidays, like Memorial Day and Labor Day, are closely associated with drinking and driving. In fact, law enforcement agencies usually set up sobriety checkpoints around these holidays to help them catch drunk drivers.
  • Distraction: Road trips usually require a navigator. In ye olden days, one person usually drove the car, and another person usually read the map. Nowadays, the same person is both pilot and navigator, because GPS devices are on every phone and pre-installed in most cars.

Other kinds of driver impairment include driving while stoned or with a serious medical condition. Altogether, the five types of driver impairment cause almost half the car accidents in Illinois.

Non-Motorist Injuries

The summer months do not just bring out more motor vehicles. They also bring out non-motorists, such as pedestrians and bicyclists, who want to enjoy the warm weather. These individuals only make up a minuscule portion of the people on the roads. Yet these individuals represent a significant number of fatal car accident victims.

Vehicle speed is usually the most important factor in a non-motorist car accident. For example, at impact speeds under 25mph, the pedestrian death rate is about 10%. The fatality rate catapults to 90% at impact speeds above 55mph.

Motorcycle Crash Season

More motorcycles are on Illinois roads during summer. Much of the year, it is too cold to ride in the Prairie State. These accidents are legally complex, mostly because so many insurance company defenses are available. Not all of these defenses are found in a book.

The motorcycle prejudice is a good example. Many jurors believe that motorcycle riders are reckless thugs who wear leather jackets, grow shaggy beards, and disregard the safety of other people. As a result, these jurors hesitate to award maximum compensation in these cases. A Rockford car accident attorney must be prepared to deal with the motorcycle prejudice and not be surprised if an insurance company lawyer tries to use it in court.

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