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Can I Go Back To Work After A Personal Injury Settlement?

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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If you were in an accident, you could wonder if you should return to work. Or you want to go back because you need the money. Whatever reason you want to get back on the job.

This page discusses when you should return to work after a personal injury settlement. If you have questions about returning to work, talk to our Ogle County personal injury lawyers today.

What Is A Good Time To Go Back To Work?

You could be off work for weeks or months after a severe car accident. Many people get impatient. Even with a personal injury settlement in the bank, you may want to earn a salary or wage again. Or you miss socializing with co-workers. Others worry about their company’s judgment.

There is no hard and fast rule stating when you should work again. Only you and the treating physician for your injuries know the answer. Also necessary is the type of injuries and your job.

For example, you broke your leg in a car accident and are a roofer. It would seem clear that you would need a few months off work to heal. After all, you cannot climb roofs and do your job on crutches. Your leg could need many months to mend. Then you could need physical therapy to return the leg to full strength.

On the other hand, if you are a sales manager at an auto dealership, it is easy to do your work on crutches or a scooter. As a result, you may be able to go back to work faster. But much will depend on your comfort level sitting in a chair most of the day.

Also, remember that not every accident injury is apparent; some car accident victims have emotional scars from the accident:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Talk to your doctor about how long it will take to recover from the accident. Give your body and mind the chance to get better. Only go back to work when your physician says it is safe. Your personal injury attorney should have factored into your settlement the correct amount of lost earnings to heal. So, don’t feel rushed!

Call Our Ogle County Personal Injury Lawyers Today

If a negligent party in an accident hurt you, you’re probably stressed and confused. You still need to pay your medical bills and monthly expenses, no matter how bad things are. So how will you manage the extra costs, especially if you cannot work for weeks or months?

It is essential to speak to an Ogle County personal injury lawyer as early on in the case as possible. Your attorney serves Rockford, Belvedere, Loves Park, DeKalb, Poplar Grove, Byron, Freeport, and the surrounding area.

Our personal injury attorneys will review your accident and injuries to determine if someone else was liable for the incident. If so, our attorneys will pursue compensation aggressively and get you what you deserve.

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