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Who’s Liable For Self-Driving Car Accidents?

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More autonomous vehicles are on Illinois roads, and it is natural to inquire about who is liable for a self-driving car accident. This is a developing area of the law, so if you are involved in a self-driving car accident, our experienced Boone County car accident attorneys at Fisk & Monteleone can assist you. Determining… Read more »

Vehicle Crash During a Test Drive – Who is Liable for the Accident?

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Rockford car accident

There is no better feeling than getting behind the wheel of your dream car for a test drive, with the hope that one day you will be able to own it. But what if you get involved in a car accident during that Illinois test drive?  Who should be held liable and whose insurance should… Read more »

Are Car Accidents More Common in the Summer?

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In the early summer of 2022, bad economic news, like inflation and high-interest rates, dominated the news headlines. Nevertheless, over 80% of American adults plan to take a summer road trip. About half of these people plan to take more than one such trip. The increased summer travel also means an increased risk of summer… Read more »

Have Car Accidents Increased Since COVID Restrictions Were Lifted?

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Fewer car accidents, along with more free time, were supposed to be a “silver lining” of the pandemic lockdown cloud. Vehicle miles traveled indeed dropped. But since drivers developed some bad habits, like drinking and driving and speeding excessively, the number of fatal accidents increased. Two years after COVID restrictions began easing, the number of… Read more »

What to Expect in a Winnebago County Car Wreck Claim

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Every year, car wrecks kill or seriously injure millions of Americans. Frequently, the victims who survived these crashes face tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, not to mention years of pain and suffering. In the wake of a car crash, insurance adjusters often call constantly, offering financial settlement terms. Many victims are tempted… Read more »

Auto Accidents Involving Underinsured and Uninsured Motorists in Illinois

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When it comes to property damage, injuries, potential lawsuits and auto insurance issues, things tend to quickly spiral out of control, even if it is a minor fender bender case. And when the negligent party has no insurance at all or are underinsured, further complications can arise. In Illinois, a large number of drivers are… Read more »

Fatal Crashes Down for 2016 – Summer Data Yet to Be Recorded

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While the year is far from over, preliminary data suggests that there may be fewer fatal crashes in 2016 in Illinois than there were in 2015. To be sure, in 2015, there were a total of 914 fatal crashes resulting in 998 fatalities, as reported by the Illinois Department of Transportation.   This year, nearly… Read more »

Who Is Responsible for Paying for My Injuries After a Car Accident in Illinois?

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Often even more terrifying than a car accident itself is worrying about who will pay for your injuries and losses after a crash does occur. The following considers Illinois’ fault-based car insurance laws, and how recovering compensation will work after a car accident.   The At-Fault Driver Is Responsible for Paying for Injuries that He… Read more »

Illinois Multi-Vehicle Car Accident Leaves One Person Dead, Two More Injured

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Some of the most dangerous types of car accidents are those that involve multi-vehicle pileups. Tragically, that is precisely how one person, a 45-year-old Wisconsin woman, was killed in mid-June, 2016. Two more people suffered injuries.   Illinois Multi-Car Pileup According to an article in, the crash occurred when three (of the four vehicles… Read more »