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The Three Stages of Premises Liability Claims In Rockford

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Illinois law requires property owners to take steps to ensure that their guests are safe. These rules are especially applicable to commercial property owners. In some cases, the negligence per se shortcut may be available to help Rockford personal injury lawyers establish liability for damages. This doctrine often applies in swimming pool drownings, dog bites,… Read more »

Do I Have A Premises Liability Claim?

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Each year, over eight million people visit the emergency room after a serious fall. That’s more people than drug overdoses, motor vehicle crashes, and other types of injuries combined. These injuries usually involve substantial medical bills. In many cases, hospitalization alone may exceed $100,000. Serious, long-term injuries cause substantial noneconomic damages as well. These damages… Read more »

Who is Liable in a Sledding Accident?

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Sledding is a fun activity where people ride a sled down a slope in snowy conditions. There are certain requirements for enjoying this sport without problems. However, there are always times when you can get involved in a sledding accident. Understanding who is liable for an accident will help you better deal with the situation…. Read more »