Construction Equipment can be Involved in Serious Accidents

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Construction is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 20 percent of workplace deaths each year are associated with construction work. In addition, over half of those fatalities are attributable to the “fatal four” accidents, which are falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object, and being caught in between two objects or pieces of material. While these types of accidents are prominent, over 40 percent of catastrophic injuries are caused by other types of accidents. Many of these accidents involve construction equipment.


Because construction crews have the task of completing often massive projects, they often require many different types of heavy machinery and tools. Crews must dig deep holes for foundations, must construct huge structures using large pieces of material, must build bridges and highways, and much more. Such tasks can require the operation of jackhammers, bulldozers, cranes, cement mixers, dump trucks, power drills, and clamps, among many other types of equipment. Along with being helpful to complete the job, all of this equipment also presents the risk of serious injuries.


Negligent operation of heavy machinery

Accidents involving heavy pieces of machinery or construction vehicles often occur because one or multiple parties acted in some type of negligent manner. Some ways that negligence can lead to accidents involving construction machinery include:


  • Defective parts on a machine that can cause it to malfunction;
  • Allowing individuals to operate a particular type of machinery who are not adequately trained or otherwise unqualified to do so;
  • Individuals operating a piece of equipment while they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted, or overly fatigued;
  • Companies failing to regularly inspect and maintain equipment or make necessary repairs prior to subsequent use;
  • Overloading or overworking a piece of machinery and causing malfunction;
  • Not properly securing and/or clearing an area of people before putting equipment in use; and
  • Making equipment accessible to the public after work hours.


As you can see, several different parties may act negligently and lead to accidents that can cause serious injuries. For example, the negligent party in a particular accident may be a manufacturer, the construction company, or even an individual worker. Identifying the proper cause of an equipment accident is imperative to a worker receiving the full amount of compensation they deserve for their worksite injuries.


Workers’ compensation claims and personal injury claims arising from workplace accidents in or around Roscoe, Illinois can be complicated if they involve large pieces of equipment. It is important that you have an experienced attorney handling your case who understands how to maximize your compensation.


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Workers should be able to trust that they can do their jobs safely and without injury. Unfortunately, in industries like construction, accidents and injuries are bound to happen. The Cherry Valley workers’ compensation and workplace accident lawyers at the law office of Fisk & Monteleone LTD. have extensive experience standing up for the legal rights of injured workers and their families. You should not hesitate to call our office today to discuss how we can assist you with your claim.



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