Construction Zones: A Breeding Ground for Accidents and Injuries in Illinois

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Construction Zone Accident AttorneyOftentimes, it becomes extremely difficult to maneuver through the dangerous road conditions and hazards in a construction zone, jeopardizing the lives of both drivers and workers. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, on average, 70 construction zone accidents take place every day that result in at least one severe injury, while 12 accidents occur every week resulting in at least one fatality. It has also been found that larger construction zones are more susceptible to accidents, and if bad weather conditions are factored in, the probability can increase tenfold.

Common Causes of Construction Zone Accidents

Roads in poor conditions require timely repairs and maintenance in order to avoid accidents. Regular maintenance activities keep the American roads safe for traffic; unfortunately, construction zones have become a breeding ground for accidents over the years, proving to be as dangerous as a damaged road.

There are several reasons why construction zone accidents take place, but the most common ones include:

Construction Equipment, Materials, and Debris

Traffic cones, machinery, trucks, and others, can create a distraction and force a driver to veer off the road. When such things are in the way, they tend to cause accidents due to confusion and lack of understanding of the situation. In addition, debris coming from these materials and equipment can make road conditions risky for oncoming traffic, as well as workers, increasing the probability of accidents

Improper Warning Signage

Construction companies are required to put up proper warning signage when they start working on the repair and maintenance of roads. This is mandatory for safety purposes, as they alert drivers about the construction zone ahead and any measures that they may have to take to avoid an accident. The type of signage that must be used in construction zones have been clearly outlined in the state and federal laws and regulations. If a company does not comply with these guidelines, they can be held liable for damages in case of injuries or death as a result of their negligence.

Poor Visibility

Dirt, dust, debris, and other kinds of airborne materials can significantly reduce the visibility for drivers on roads. This can make it difficult for a motorist to see machinery, warning signs, and any obstacles in the way, dramatically increasing the chances of an accident in or around constructions.

Fault on Driver’s Part

DUI, distracted driving, reckless driving, speeding, and impaired driving are few other reasons behind construction zone accidents. Such practices can cause a motorist to miss a warning sign or fail to pay attention to the dangers of a construction zone. Moreover, they can make it difficult for the driver to adapt to the reduced number of lanes or change in speeds of other vehicles, increasing the chances of collisions.

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