Does the at-fault driver have insurance?


Whether the at-fault driver had insurance may not be immediately known.

True, insurance coverage is mandatory in Illinois, but did you know that fifteen percent of all drivers still don’t have it. And even when they do, many have just the minimum… $20 thousand. By the way, that number may soon increase to $25,000 if the governor signs newly passed legislation.

The police most likely responded to the scene of your motor vehicle wreck, and if they did, they would have asked each driver for the name and policy number of the insurance company providing coverage for the car. Many times people cannot immediately produce an insurance card, so the police report will be blank. This doesn’t necessarily mean there wasn’t insurance. On the other hand, sometimes people produce “proof” of insurance at the scene, and it is later learned that the coverage had lapsed and no coverage was in place.

Bottom line, don’t trust the police report as the final word on whether the at-fault driver had insurance coverage. Any competent attorney who specializes in personal injury law would be able to tell you if the at-fault driver had coverage on the date of your wreck and, if so, in what amount.