How do I help my surviving children after the Rockford wrongful death of their sibling?


The loss of a child is traumatic for everyone involved, particularly other children. They don’t understand why this sort of thing happens, and often have a lot of questions and confusing feelings. Parents who have lost their child often don’t know what to do either, in order to help their children through the death. Here, a Rockford wrongful death lawyer offers advice for helping your children cope.

Encourage Your Children to Talk

When children are hurt or sad, many don’t know how to express their emotions, often clamming up. Instead of talking about how they feel, they may hold it all inside. Encourage your child to talk about what he is going through. Working out his emotions may help him get through this.

Keep Things as Normal as Possible

Children thrive on routine. Although having to change their schedule immediately after the death is understandable, try to resume normal activities as soon as possible. Taking him away from the things he likes to do will only make this time even more difficult.

Find a Therapist or Support Group

Speaking to a professional or other children in a support group who have experienced the same type of loss may help your child get through the death. He may feel more comfortable talking with them about what he is feeling than with you.

If your child died because of someone else’s negligence, you’ll need the help of a Rockford wrongful death attorney on your side. If not, you may end up paying for bills you shouldn’t be held responsible for.

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