What can I do to minimize my chances of being involved in an underride truck accident in Machesney Park?


An underride truck accident in Machesney Park is a very dangerous accident for occupants of a car or other light-duty vehicle. When a car strikes the back of a box truck, trailer, or semitrailer, the impact crumples the front end. As the car continues to move forward, sliding under the truck, the windshield shatters and the roof collapses. Vehicle occupants are severely injured or even killed as a result.

An underride guard—a metal bar attached low on the back of the truck—is designed to prevent a car from sliding underneath in a truck crash. It is standard safety equipment on most trucks.  However, underride guards often fail—either because they are not strong enough to withstand the impact of a truck crash in Machesney Park or because design limitations make them ineffective in certain situations. In fact, recent crash testing conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) showed that when 30 percent of a sedan’s front end hit the back of a trailer, most underride guards failed to prevent the car from sliding underneath.

Following are three tips to help prevent an underride truck wreck in Machesney Park:

Do not drive in a truck’s blind spot or No-Zone. There is one in the front of the truck, one on each side, and one in the rear.

  • Do not tailgate. If you are following a truck and cannot see the mirrors on either side of the cab, you are following too closely. If the truck has to stop rapidly, you may run into the back.
  • Watch for slow-moving trucks. When driving at highway speeds in the dark, it may be difficult to determine how fast a truck is moving. If a trucker has significantly reduced his speed because of a mechanical problem, you may realize it too late and run into the back of the truck.

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