What advanced crash protection features are available to help reduce injuries in a car accident?


You are crossing the Rock River—driving over the Whitman Street Bridge—headed towards North Second Street when a car enters your lane of traffic and strikes you head-on. A car drifts into your lane of traffic on Perryville Road in Machesney Park—sideswiping your SUV. You are stopped at the light at the intersection of North Alpine Road and Spring Creek Road when a pickup truck plows into the rear of your car.

These are all situations that can cause severe injuries or even death to you and the other occupants of your car. So, what advanced crash protection features are available to help keep you safer in an accident?

Advanced Crash Protection

  • Advanced frontal airbags protect the driver and front-seat passenger in a frontal crash using sensors to determine when and at what power to inflate the airbags based on the size of the occupant, the position of the seat, whether the occupant is wearing a seat belt, and the severity of the crash.
  • Side airbags and curtains protect the head, neck, chest, and pelvis during a side crash. They use sensors to evaluate crash severity and determine whether the side airbags should inflate. They inflate in a fraction of a second and may stay inflated for a few seconds in order to protect occupants during a potential rollover.
  • Seat belt pretensioners and load limiters enhance seatbelt effectiveness. Pretensioners retract the seatbelt to remove excess slack when they detect a crash, preventing the occupant from jerking forward. Load limiters allow the seat belt to release in a controlled way—guiding the occupant towards the airbag—when the force upon the belt is too great.
  • Advanced head restraints protect the head and neck to reduce the incidence of whiplash and other serious head and neck injuries.

If you are looking to purchase a new or used vehicle, be sure to review the crash test results for the models you are considering. If you have been hurt due to the negligent actions of another driver, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation.