Should I give the insurance adjuster a recorded statement?


After an auto accident on Highway 2, you will most likely get a call from the other driver’s insurance company. The insurance adjuster on the other end of the phone may sound pleasant and nice. She may say she needs to ask you a few questions about the crash and would like to record your answer, or the adjuster may tell you that the phone call is being recorded for quality assurances. Although this may sound harmless, you need to know the insurance company’s intentions for doing this.

Insurance companies are not in business to give out money, which means they don’t want to pay out on accident claims if they don’t have to. This is why they have insurance adjusters taking recorded statements. They are hoping that you will say something that could harm your case or limit their liability. If you do, they will be able to use your own words against you to deny your claim altogether or offer you a lot less than your case is actually worth.

While your own insurance policy may require that you cooperate with your own insurance company, you absolutely have the right to decline to give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. In fact, you don’t even need to speak with the other driver’s insurance company at all.

To make sure you are protected, we urge you to talk with an accident lawyer before speaking with any insurance company so that you understand your rights and know how to maximize your financial recovery. If you have additional questions about how to handle your accident claim, feel free to call us and take advantage of our offer for a free consultation.