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Follow These Basic Steps After an Auto Accident

Rockford Car Accident AttorneyWe sincerely hope that you never have to deal with an auto accident. However, since they are almost always unavoidable and can happen at any time, we bring you these basic steps that you can follow. Learning about dealing with an auto accident allows you to become knowledgeable and make the right choices, when you are unfortunately involved in one yourself.

Prepare for an Accident

You should learn about your insurance documentation and the different terms that are described in the policy. You should not wait to have an accident to understand what kind of insurance issues you may face. Look at your plan, see how much time you have after an accident to contact your insurance company. Learn about any limitations. This will ensure that you know the right way to proceed when it has occurred.

Secure the Injured

Regardless of whoever is at fault, your primary responsibility after the accident remains securing all the people involved in the accident. The initial care that you give to an injured person may make the difference between life and death. You can only take other steps once the injured are secured. Caring for the injured also means that you should call 911 immediately for an ambulance. Another step that you can take while securing people is to call the police, even if it is a minor accident. This will protect your interests in the future. You can only move the vehicles once the situation is secure.

Move the Vehicles

You may have to move the vehicles if they present a serious accident hazard. This is often the case when auto accidents occur on narrow, bending roads, where other drivers may not get a fair warning to avoid a pile of vehicles ahead. If you are on a busy road, then this step becomes even more important. However, in case the involved vehicles are damaged and cannot be moved immediately, you should move to a secure spot and allow the emergency services to remedy the situation as they best can.

Call Insurance

With emergency steps performed, it is time to call your insurance company despite the nature of the accident. Some people are afraid that if they call insurance for minor accidents, they may face a significant raise in their auto insurance premium. Remember, state laws protect you from an unfair raise if an accident was not due to your negligent driving. The best way to go about it is to call your insurance first and deal with subsequent matters later.

Information Gathering

If you believe that you are innocent in an accident, try gathering as much information as possible from people near you. The emergency services may also play a role in helping determine the driver who may be at fault for an accident. Gathering information firsthand at the time of the accident, such as asking for contact details of witnesses and other involved drivers will give your auto accident attorney the maximum chance of providing you the maximum benefit.

These steps are good for you and help you deal with auto accidents. However, you should seek a reputed auto accident lawyer for best representation. Contact Fisk & Monteleone LTD. today at 815-962-0044 to schedule a free case consultation.