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How Common Is Medical Malpractice In Hip Replacement Surgery?

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Hip replacement surgery is common among older Americans. The hope is to restore hip function and mobility after years of suffering a deteriorating hip joint. However, sometimes surgeons engage in negligence during hip replacement surgery, leading to severe complications.

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What Is Hip Replacement Surgery?

A hip replacement is an operation that replaces a damaged hip joint with a plastic, metal, or ceramic artificial joint. You could require a hip replacement if you have damage caused by aging, arthritis, or a sports injury. A damaged hip joint can make many daily activities difficult, such as sleeping, sitting, dressing, and walking.

A recent study suggests that medical malpractice claims involving hip replacement surgery occurred in .15% of the cases reviewed. While this outcome is uncommon, mistakes during hip replacement surgery can lead to severe problems. There also could be follow-up surgeries to correct the problem without a medical malpractice suit.

Common Hip Replacement Problems

There are many issues that can happen during negligent hip replacement surgery:

Hip joint dislocation

A hip joint dislocation occurs when the implant ball moves from the socket. The dislocation risk is higher during the first six months of the recovery process. This is because the delicate joint tissues are healing.


Chronic pain after hip surgery can be because of medical malpractice. For example, a mistake made during surgery can lead to severe pain, making it impossible for the patient to live normally.

Nerve damage

Sometimes a nerve is damaged during the placement of the new hip joint. This problem is higher in patients who have had hip surgeries before.


Infections after a hip replacement are a severe concern. For example, the joint can become infected while the patient is in the hospital. Or, an infection can set in after you go home.

Unfortunately, you may have to undergo a painful and complicated surgery to remove or clean the hip implant. In some severe cases, the hip joint must be removed permanently. If this happens, you could be eligible for compensation in a lawsuit.

Leg Length Issues

After hip replacement, some patients have one leg longer than the other. The size of the implant and how the device is implanted dictate how long that leg will be. In addition, medical malpractice can cause one leg to be longer than the other, requiring follow-up surgery.

Defective Hip Implant

The surgery could go flawlessly, but there may be a problem with the medical device itself. For example, there could be premature wear of the joint, causing metallic particles to be released.

Compartment Syndrome

This problem happens when pressure grows to a dangerous and painful level in the joint or surrounding tissues. It can reduce blood flow and prevent oxygen from getting to the tissues. This can cause muscle and joint damage.

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