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How To Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer Win Your Case

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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There are about six million car accidents in the United States annually, with tens of thousands of injuries and deaths. If you are in a car accident and retain a Boone County car accident lawyer, you will want them to obtain as much compensation for you as possible. This will help you cover medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. You can help your attorney build a strong personal injury case by following the guidelines below.

Tell Your Personal Injury Attorney Everything

You will most likely attend a free consultation with your Boone County car accident lawyer. Tell your attorney everything you can about your accident and injuries. Don’t attempt to hide any part of the case, even if you think it hurts your cause.

For example, Illinois has a modified comparative negligence standard in auto accidents. This means your accident compensation may be reduced by your degree of fault. If you think you were 25% at fault for your car accident, lay everything out with your lawyer. It is best if the lawyer knows every weakness of the case early so they can plan it.

Do Not Post About The Accident on Social Media

It can be difficult for some of us to stay off social media today. However, you should never post details about your case before it is settled or reaches a verdict. Car insurance companies and defense attorneys would check your social media feeds to see if you posted anything that could harm your case.

For example, you may have injured your back when the other driver rear-ended you. But then you posted on Facebook about going for a 5k run the following week. This information will be used against you to reduce or even deny your claim.

See Your Doctor Immediately

Go to your doctor as soon as possible after the accident. Don’t wait a day. Every day you delay will make it easier for the other insurance company to claim the injuries are unrelated to the car accident.

Avoid The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

The defendant’s insurance company would love to talk to you. They will try to call or email you to obtain a statement about the car accident. They do so because they want to manipulate you into saying something that hurts your case. All the insurance adjuster needs are for you to say you were partially at fault or ‘you feel fine’ after the accident.

These small mistakes can torpedo your claim. Having your Boone Country personal injury lawyer handle the other driver’s insurance company is best.

Hurt in an Auto Accident? Contact Boone County Car Accident Lawyers

A car accident can turn your life upside down. You may have back and neck injuries, internal damage, head trauma, and worse. Complete medical recovery requires sufficient funds to pay for medical treatments, physical therapy, and more.
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