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How to Hire The Best Car Accident Lawyers In Illinois

Best Car Accident Lawyers In IllinoisInsurance company TV commercials imply that “like a good neighbor,” they are there when you need them. Wrong. Insurance companies reluctantly pay compensation to accident victims if the company has no choice. Rest assured that a posse of lawyers works hard to give the insurance company an out.

Only the best car accident lawyer in Illinois evens the odds. But there are so many to choose from, and on the surface, they all look alike. Looking for a car accident lawyer in Rockford is a little like looking at new cars on a lot. At first glance, they all look alike. But upon closer inspection, there are some major differences. This blog is about identifying these differences.

Experience Litigating Car Accident Injury Claims

The most common yardstick, years of experience, is sometimes deceptive. Many attorneys have experience in other fields, like will preparation, which have nothing to do with personal injury law. These lawyers might not be able to properly evaluate your claim and completely follow through with it. More on that below.

Furthermore, many personal injury attorneys practice this area of law for years and never go inside a courtroom. Instead, they take the money and run. They have a “settlement-first” mentality.

That’s not all bad. Almost all car crash claims settle out of court. And, lawyers who settle lots of cases usually have good negotiating skills.

But settlement-first lawyers sometimes take shortcuts. For example, they might not diligently collect all possible evidence, since they know they will probably never use it. So, to select the best possible car accident lawyer in Illinois, always ask how many trials the attorney has handled.

Dedicated Car Accident Injury Lawyers

As mentioned, some lawyers are general practice lawyers. They usually have long-term relationships with a few clients. So, they take care of all their legal needs. They are not dedicated to personal injury law.

The late Grant Cooper is a good example. Cooper was a former high school dropout who rose to prominence as a California attorney. He defended Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin Sirhan Sirhan in 1969.

Cooper was an able lawyer who had years of experience. But he wasn’t a dedicated criminal lawyer. Instead, he was basically a celebrity lawyer. He represented former child star, Shirley Temple when her marriage to B-movie stalwart John Agar broke up. Because of this background, he did not aggressively attack the state’s evidence in the Sirhan case. Had he gone all-in, Sirhan might not still be in prison today.

Apropos of nothing, Cooper is front and center in one of the latest Kennedy conspiracy theories. According to some, he threw the case so he wouldn’t be indicted on unrelated charges.

Accessibility To Their Clients

No one likes ghost lawyers who ignore their client’s questions. But at the same time, if a lawyer always has time for you, there might be a reason the attorney has so much free time.

Somewhat similarly, an attorney with few clients is like a restaurant with no cars in the parking lot. There’s probably a reason for that. But, you do not want a lawyer who is so busy that s/he hides behind less-experienced associates or non-lawyer assistants. Typically, these professionals end up doing most of the work.

So, during the hiring process, look for an attorney who has time to meet with you if you make an appointment in advance.

Contact an Experienced Winnebago County Car Accident Attorney

Many attorneys are available to handle your claim. Choose wisely. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Rockford, contact Fisk & Monteleone LTD. We routinely handle matters in Boone County and nearby jurisdictions.