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How To Identify And Avoid Black Ice

David Monteleone
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Car accidents can happen anytime, but winter is hazardous because of ice, snow, and rain. As the weather chills, black ice can become a hazardous driving condition. Fortunately, you can learn how to identify and avoid black ice, as highlighted below. If you are injured in a car accident that someone else caused, speak to a car accident lawyer in Rockford today.

What Is Black Ice?

Black ice happens when rain or sleet falls on frozen ground. When the air is lower than 32 F, the ground could also be frozen, so water will turn to ice when it hits the ground.

The name ‘black ice’ comes from the ability of the ice to blend into the road and become almost invisible. However, the ice is clear in reality. Drivers in Rockford need to be aware of when black ice forms to avoid serious accidents. All it takes is hitting your brakes too hard on a patch of black ice to lose control and hit a tree, car, or another object.

Check The Temperature

If the weather in the Rockford area gets close to freezing, black ice can form on the roads. Even if the temperature is in the high 30s, ice can form, so keep a close eye on the roads.

Watch Local Weather

If you hear that there may be cold and snowy weather in Rockford near Anderson Japanese Gardens or Discovery Center Museum, you should pay attention. Remember, if the temperature in Rockford is near freezing and rain and snow are anticipated, you could run into black ice on the roads and sidewalks. In addition, it is essential to watch for black ice on overpasses and bridges, which tend to freeze quickly.

Watch Vehicles In Front Of You

One of the best ways to identify slick roads or black ice is to see how cars drive ahead of you. Also, if the vehicles in front of yours show water spray, this means there is little or no ice present. But if you see no road spray, black ice could be ahead.

Be Alert From Sunset To Sunrise

Temperatures drop after the sun sets, so black ice is more common at night. If you are driving while the sun rises, you may see what looks like rain on the surface of the road. But if the air temperature is at or near freezing, it could be black ice.

Talk To A Car Accident Lawyer in Rockford

Black ice is one of the most dangerous conditions when you drive. Hitting black ice could make you lose control and get into a severe accident. If you were hurt in a car accident in Rockford caused by someone else, you could have extensive injuries, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. But a Rockford car accident lawyer can help you.

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