How-To Tips for Avoiding a Motorcycle Crash

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Spring is in the air and you are probably anxious to take your motorcycle on a scenic ride down Illinois Route 2, starting at the Chicago Rockford International Airport, and traveling through Byron and Oregon before ending up at Castle Rock State Park. But before you go, it is important to re-familiarize yourself with your bike and practice some simple drills in an empty parking lot. You should also know how to prevent some common motorcycle accidents.

  • Some curves tighten up after you round the bend, which can cause you to lose control if you are traveling at a high rate of speed. Instead, slow down as you approach a curve, using the clues that you see around the road—a line of trees or the path of the telephone poles—to help gauge it.
  • Many motorcycle crashes happen at intersections when a motorist makes a left-hand turn into the path of a motorcyclist. You can avoid accidents like this by paying close attention to cars that may turn into your path and preparing in advance how you will react to the danger.
  • A motorcyclist who follows the car in front too closely is inviting disaster—especially when the lead car slows down or stops suddenly. Slow down to give yourself plenty of room to stop in the space you can see in front of you.
  • Changing road and weather conditions can make riding a motorcycle challenging. Your best defense is to ensure your tires are in good shape and that they are properly inflated. In addition, you should drive cautiously, giving yourself plenty of space to take evasive action if necessary.
  • Passing can be dangerous—especially on a motorcycle. Before you pass other vehicles, it is important to have a good understanding of your bike’s capabilities. In addition, you should be sure that you have enough visibility and time to pass safely.

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