Illinois Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash on Interstate 64

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On May 20, 2016, a motorcycle crashed claimed the life of yet another Illinois victim. Reported on by Central KY News, the crash occurred during the evening of the 20th when the victim, 73-year-old Samuel Carroll of Palos Hills, IL, veered his motorcycle into the guardrail while traveling on Interstate 64.

According to medical data collected after the crash, it appears that Carroll may have suffered from a medical condition, contributing to the occurrence of the crash. To be sure, Berl Perdue Jr., Clark County Sheriff, said that several heart medications were found around the scene. It is possible that Carroll suffered a heart attack or other complication, causing him to lose control of the motorcycle.


The Importance of Riding Impairment-Free

Carroll’s death is devastating, and our hearts go out to Mr. Carroll’s surviving family members. Tragically, the death highlights the dangers of riding a motorcycle while impaired, and not just from alcohol; drugs, even those that are legal – both prescription and over-the-counter – may be dangerous and cause impairment. Because motorcyclists have no protections in the event that they are in a crash, riding after taking any sort of medication could have serious consequences.

According to, prescription drug use while driving may be a problem that is especially concerning amongst elderly adults, who may forget when to take drugs, or in what amount, due to mental decline. The same source also reports that nine out of 10 adults aged 65 or older takes at least one prescription drug. One year, more than 25 percent of drugged drivers in fatal accidents included drivers ages 50 years and older.

On the flipside, riding a motorcycle or operating a motor vehicle without taking medications, especially if you have a dangerous medical condition that could prevent you from safely operating your vehicle, may be equally as dangerous.

Before operating any type of motor vehicle/motor cycle in the state of Illinois, talk to your doctor about the types of medications that you are taking, and any side effects they pose. Side effects to watch out for include dizziness, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and anything else that may be distracting while behind the wheel.


What to Do If You Are Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, and you believe that the crash may have been caused because of a drug side effect of which you were unaware, you may have a case against the drug’s manufacturer. If the crash was caused by the negligence of another driver, an experienced Belvidere motorcycle accident attorney can help you to prove it and recover compensation.

After a crash, our passionate attorneys at the law offices of Fisk & Monteleone LTD. want to help you recover the money you deserve. To learn more about how we can help you and what to do, contact us for a free case consultation at 815-209-9030.



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