Are You Ready to Ride? Take Some Time to Make Sure Your Motorcycle Is Ready Too

Spring is on its way and it will soon be time to dust off your motorcycle and go out for your first ride. Perhaps you will take a scenic ride on Illinois Route 2 to Lowden State Park to see the Blackhawk Statue and then head to Oregon for lunch. Maybe you will take a ride out Illinois Route 173, ride through Rock Cut State Park, and then continue east towards Poplar Grove. Whatever you decide to do, it is important to make sure your bike is in top condition before you venture out.

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

Following are some tips to help you get your bike ready for spring riding:

  • Check the tires. If a tire fails while you are riding, it can be a big problem. Check the tire pressure using a tire gauge and inspect the surface of the tire for cuts, nails, and other foreign objects before your first ride.
  • Check the battery. If the fluid level is too low, top it off with distilled water.
  • Check the controls. Look for kinking or stiffness in any of the cables.
  • Check the lights. Inspect the brake light, headlights, and turn signals to ensure that everything works properly.
  • Check the fluids. Check the oil and fuel levels and top them off as necessary. In addition, if your bike is liquid cooled, be sure to check the coolant level.
  • Check the chain. If your rear tire has a chain drive, be sure it is in good shape and that the tension is properly adjusted.
  • Check the brakes. Take a quick spin around your neighborhood to check the front and rear brakes.
  • Schedule your bike for service. Your owner’s manual contains a service schedule. If your motorcycle is due for service, schedule an appointment with your mechanic now so that it will be ready when spring arrives.

A little time spent today can ensure that your bike is ready when you are this spring. If you found this article helpful, we invite you to share it with your followers on Twitter. You may help make another biker’s spring riding more safe and enjoyable.