What Should You Do After a Northern Illinois Auto Accident?

If you or a loved one is involved in a Northern Illinois car crash, you should be prepared to take steps to protect yourself, avoid future problems and even help to save human life. After all, in 2009, there were 13 Rockford citizens killed in fatal accidents that involved 20 vehicles.

As Rockford auto accident attorneys, we strongly suggest that you study the following steps to take following a Northern Illinois auto accident. We want you to feel prepared when confronted with any roadway emergency.

What to Do If You Are in an Auto Accident in Illinois

The Consumer Protection Association offers good advice for the victims of car crashes. Here are some of their tips:

  • Make sure you are prepared. Carry an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. You should always have at hand a cell phone, pen and paper for getting valuable information, a disposable camera for getting accident scene photos, and a card to inform medical personnel of any allergies or special conditions they might need to know about. It is also helpful to have a flashlight, cones, and emergency flares in your trunk.
  • Act quickly and safely if an accident occurs. If there are no serious injuries and the cars involved are running, get them moved off to the side of the road as soon as possible to avoid further collisions.
  • Get important information as soon as possible. You will need to exchange information with the other driver(s), even if the accident seems minor at first. You never know what injuries may be discovered after the shock wears off. Be sure you get the name, address and phone number(s) of the other driver(s). Also, you should get the insurance company name, driver license number and license plate number. Finally, be sure to get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses if you can.
  • Be sure to file an accident report, no matter what. Even if the police do not respond to the scene, which sometimes happens when there are no apparent injuries, you should obtain an accident report and file it. You can get one online by stopping at the police station.
  • Watch what you say. Accident scenes can cause emotional distress and fear in all involved. Do not tell police or anyone else that the accident was your fault, even if you think it was.

Protect Yourself from Future Problems

You never know what the other driver will do. He might change his mind and file a claim when he said he wouldn’t; he could even claim injuries later or even decide to file a lawsuit against you. For these reasons and more, you should try to keep your head and follow the tips listed above, no matter how minor the crash may seem.

And if you find that you have more property damage than you thought, or that you or your passengers have been injured, you should seek legal advice.

If you have any questions at all following a Northern Illinois car crash, call The Fisk & Monteleone Law Firm in Rockford TOLL FREE at 888-716-7336. We will be happy to look at the facts of your case and help you decide the best steps to take to protect yourself and your family.