Rockford, Illinois, Traffic Injury Lawyers Offer Legal Insights for Victims

When you are involved in a serious Illinois motor vehicle accident, you may wonder what a lawyer would say. Find out by visiting The Fisk & Monteleone Law Firm site. Our blog posts deal with the most common questions and topics in Illinois personal injury law. Make the right decisions in your case with help from our top Rockford personal injury blog posts.

After an Illinois Wrongful Death, Expect to Experience the Five Stages of Grief

No matter what the cause, a wrongful death can intensify the grief that is natural when a loved one is lost. The survivors must not only cope with the loss, but also deal with the very intense emotions caused by the fact that the death was caused by someone else's negligence. Stages of the Grieving Process in a Wrongful Death Most mental health professionals agree that grieving is a five-step process, and that everyone grieves differently. Some will take more or less time t...
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Tractor-Trailer Driver Mistakes and Northern Illinois Truck Accidents

It is important to know that big rig drivers cause the majority of truck accidents on our nation's highways. A 2006 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) report found that of the approximate 141,000 truck crashes occurring each year in the United States, about 77,000 are caused by driver error. Look at the Facts: Because the weight of a fully loaded tractor-trailer is 80,000 pounds, when one of these roadway monsters is involved in an accident with a passenger...
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What Should You Do After a Northern Illinois Auto Accident?

If you or a loved one is involved in a Northern Illinois car crash, you should be prepared to take steps to protect yourself, avoid future problems and even help to save human life. After all, in 2009, there were 13 Rockford citizens killed in fatal accidents that involved 20 vehicles. As Rockford auto accident attorneys, we strongly suggest that you study the following steps to take following a Northern Illinois auto accident. We want you to feel prepared when con...
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