Personal Injury Claims can Require Extensive Resources

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Following any type of accident, injured victims may naturally wonder how they may receive compensation for their losses from the responsible party. However, too many victims do not know where to start when trying to file a legal claim or sufficiently prove that another party was at fault. While it is always wise to consult with a Rockford personal injury lawyer following an accident, too many individuals put off contacting an attorney because they do not believe they can afford one.

In truth, filing a personal injury lawsuit can often require extensive resources. However, our legal team understands that many injured victims do not have the necessary resources available to successfully pursue a claim. Fortunately, our firm does have these resources to put forth in your case up front and will never request any reimbursement from you unless you prevail in recovering.



Accident investigation and evidence gathering

In order to win your case, you must prove that another party was negligent in causing your injury. Depending on what type of personal injury case you have, this negligent party may be a driver, a manufacturer, a property owner, an employer, or many possible others. In order to identify and gather evidence of negligence, it often requires extensive investigation. This may include reviewing safety records, obtaining police reports, conducting witness reports, reviewing video surveillance, or even employing accident reconstruction specialists.

If addition to proving negligence, you must also prove that you suffered the losses that you claim. This can require compiling medical records, pay statements, and other financial documents. If you will incur more losses in the future, you may need the opinion and/or testimony of medical and economic experts.


Pretrial tools

Once your case is underway, many things will happen before you may ever get to trial. In fact, most cases never go to trial because there are many pretrial tools to try to obtain a favorable settlement to avoid the additional resources required at trial. These tools can include:



If you are unable to obtain a fair offer right away, we can take depositions and conduct other pretrial preparations to gather more evidence to use as leverage in further negotiations. We can continue negotiating until the morning of your trial date if necessary to get you the full recovery to which you are entitled.



If you do need to go to trial to obtain the compensation you deserve, it may take a significant amount of time, money, and energy to prepare and argue your case in court. Fortunately, our attorneys know how to handle your trial as efficiently as possible so that you can focus on your physical and financial well-being.


If you have suffered an injury, call an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney for help

Anyone who has sustained any type of personal injury should contact the Rockford, IL law office of Fisk & Monteleone, LTD. as soon as possible. We have the resources and the contingency payment plans to make it possible for anyone to afford seeking recovery for their injuries from responsible parties. Please call for a free consultation today.


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