Raising Speed Limits Results in Increased Number of Auto Accidents

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Traffic deaths have increased significantly in the past few years and one of the contributing factors for increase in auto accident related fatalities has been higher speed limits. In 2013 alone, around 1,900 additional deaths were caused due to higher speed limits, according to a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

IIHS vice president for research and statistical services, Charles Farmer said that although the fatality rates have decreased in recent years, they would have been much lower if it were not for the decision by the states decision to increase speed limits.

Speed limits have been on the rise in the past two decades. During most of the 70s and 80s the speed limit had been 55 mph. This speed limit was set by Congress in 1973 during the oil price crises over concerns about fuel ability instead of safety. However, the most dramatic result of the National Maximum Speed Limit has been decrease in fatalities.

With the availability of energy concerns fading in 1987, Congress had given the green light to states to relax their speed limits. As a result the states had increased speed limit to 65 mph, initially on rural interstates, but later applied to all interstates after the full repeal in 1995.

Not surprisingly, studies have found that auto accident related fatalities had surged as well.

At the moment, most of the states in the US have set speed limits that on average range from 65 to 70 mph on freeways and interstates. The speed limit is 80 mph in six of the states, while on some roads in the state of Texas drivers can cruise up to a speed of 85 mph that is the maximum speed in continental USA. Only eight states have setup speed limits that are below 65 mph, with only one (Alaska) maintaining the speed limit of 55 mph that was set by the Congress in 1973.

Proponents of increasing state speed limits argue that higher limits are keeping pace with the changing driving habits. Cars are getting more powerful with time. This, according to them, mandates that the speed limit be increased as well.


However, setting speed limits do not in any way prevent drivers to exceeding the limits thereby endangering not only their own lives but that of others as well.


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