Slip and Fall Injury – What to do After an Accident

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Slip and Fall AttorneySome people are careless and unmindful about maintaining their property and fixing things that can prove to be potentially dangerous for others. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident from a defective or hazardous condition on someone else’s property, you may have a chance to make a claim against the property owner and get compensation for your damages.

Whether you decide to take matters to court by filing a personal injury lawsuit or settle with just making a claim on the owner’s liability insurance policy, the outcome of your case will largely depend on the steps you take following the incident. To make sure you have enough evidence to establish your claim, here a few steps you should take after the slip and fall accident.

Seek Medical Treatment

Your health should the topmost priority after the slip and fall accident. You should call emergency services if your injury is significant, or see a doctor immediately after the accident to learn about the extent of your injuries and get a medical record of it. Medical records are one of the most important pieces of evidence to support a personal injury claim.

Jot Down Every Possible Details of the Incident

After receiving the necessary immediate medical treatment for your injuries, take note of all the facts of the accident. This may include:

  • The location, time, and date of the accident
  • The lighting and weather conditions of the area at that time
  • The description of the defective or dangerous condition contributing to your fall
  • Take some pictures of the scene or make a video that will serve as visual evidence
  • A description of your injuries and the diagnosis of the doctor
  • Contact details of all people who witnessed your fall

Notify the Property Owner

You should provide a written notice to the property owner of your slip and fall accident, as it will serve several purposes, such as:

  • The property owner will not able to claim about not having any knowledge of the accident in the case proceedings
  • It will make your claim a legitimate one, as judges or jurors put a great deal of emphasis on whether the property owner knows about your injury
  • It will put the case in motion, as the property owner will likely to contact their insurance to inform about the possible claim.

Don’t Give any Written or Verbal Statements

Stay calm and limit yourself from talking to the property owner or their insurance company. You may receive a call from the insurance adjuster asking to give a recorded statement, but you should decline their request until you have discussed your case with an attorney. Moreover, avoid posting any details of your case on social media, or if possible do not post anything at all until the matter has been settled.

Call a Slip and Fall Attorney

Having an experienced attorney by your side can make the entire process significantly easier and stress-free, as they are familiar with the legal system and know the laws and procedures. If you are considering making a claim, you should contact Fisk & Monteleone Ltd. today at 815-209-9030 to schedule a free case consultation with one of our reliable and knowledgeable slip and fall attorneys.