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What is the Difference Between Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse? 

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In many ways, nursing home neglect and abuse in Illinois are two different names for acts that may result in the same injuries. For example, both neglect and abuse may cause serious injury. These injuries may be both physical and emotional. The state of mind of the care provider is the big difference between nursing… Read more »

How to Recognize Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

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Many factors have fueled an increase in the number of nursing home neglect incidents. A rapidly expanding elderly population might be the biggest one. There are simply so many people who need long-term care that there are not enough facilities to effectively care for them all. Other factors include understaffing and shifting Medicaid reimbursement policies…. Read more »

Can Nursing Homes Be Sued for Neglect For COVID-Related Deaths?

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Nursing Home Neglect Most nursing home residents have lived in virtual isolation for most of 2020. Yet these individuals still live in fear. Almost half of the coronavirus-related deaths in the United States have been in nursing homes. According to some, one of the reasons this pandemic is so bad is we are not extremely… Read more »