The Role of Truck Camera Footage in a Truck Accident Case

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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), over 130,000 people are injured in truck accidents each year, out of which 22 percent sustain severe injuries. In most cases, a negligent truck driver is held responsible for any injuries sustained by the victim. However, sometimes, the trucking company is also sued if the evidence proves that the cause of the accident was a faulty truck component or the driver was forced to work overtime, resulting in fatigue and sleepiness on the road.

In either case, the plaintiff has to produce solid evidence to prove that the accident happened due to the irresponsible actions of the defendant. It is important to have an experienced truck accident attorney by your side, as they know how to gather proof that can support your claim.

How Truck Camera Footage can affect your Case

Although a relatively new safety trend, trucking companies have started to install cameras in their truck fleet that enable them to monitor the behavior of their drivers. If a truck accident happens, the footage from these cameras can be used for identifying the cause of the accident. It is helpful in determining whether the driver was distracted or carelessly driving, or some technical problem caused the driver to lose control.

The following are two types of cameras that are installed in most commercial trucks and can be used as proof in your truck accident case.

Driver-facing/Dashboard Cameras

Similar to dashboard cameras in police vehicles, which are used for officer accountability and improving safety, trucking companies have also employed them to keep an eye on the dangerous behavior of their truck drivers. They can be a valuable piece of evidence to prove that the trucker was negligent and should be held liable for damages.

Front-Facing Cameras

As the name suggests, front-facing cameras overlook the road in front of the truck. They can provide information such as whether the trucker was driving too close to another vehicle or the vehicle in front suddenly applied brakes, the trucker made a dangerous lane change, and whether they were driving recklessly. Trucks also have high tech devices similar to black box in planes, which provides information regarding the speed and the surrounding environment of the truck. Combined information from these two can provide detailed insight and bring out a clearer picture of the accident.

How a Truck Accident Attorney can help

Considering the large size and heavy weight of a truck, the injuries sustained after an accident are often fatal. Because trucking companies do everything in their power to protect their reputation and avoid liability, hiring an experienced truck accident attorney is indispensable to aggressively pursue your case and get the compensation that you deserve. A truck accident attorney has the right skills set and resources that are required for handling a complex truck accident case.

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