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Things You Should NEVER Say or Do Following an Auto Accident

The immediate aftermath of an auto accident can be overwhelming, to say the least. You might be getting out of harm’s way, contacting police, dealing with your injuries, and trying to exchange information with the other driver. Because accident scenes can be chaotic, it is wise—long before an accident occurs—to learn about the things you should NEVER do following a crash.

Some of the things you should not say at an accident scene include:

  • Apologizing or saying “I’m sorry” for the accident.
  • Saying “I’m not injured” because injuries can take hours, days, or weeks to show up.

In addition to learning what not to say following a wreck, there are some other key things you don’t want to do after a car accident including:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident before police or first responders get there.
  • Refusing medical treatment, even if you are only slightly injured.
  • Waiting too long to see a doctor.
  • Providing the insurance company with a recorded statement.
  • Signing medical release forms or loss wage forms.
  • Failing to seek legal advice from an attorney who has represented auto accident victims against insurance companies.

It is good to remember that every car accident will be unique based on the accident details and the seriousness of the injuries involved. But not matter what type of accident you are in—whether the crash occurred on US 20 or a residential street in Rockford—remember that you should never say or do the things listed here.

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