Three Signs a Tired Driver Is About to Cause a Rockford Truck Accident

David Monteleone
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When you’re riding down I-90, the last thing you want to think about is that the tractor trailers surrounding you are being driven by tired drivers. Truck drivers work long and exhausting hours, and despite all of the new regulations that are being enforced, many still drive while extremely fatigued. Some drivers will display certain signs when they are tired or drifting off to sleep. Knowing what they are could prevent your involvement in a Rockford truck accident.


As a driver nods off, he could move his steering wheel off to one side and swerve into another lane. The truck may also move that way on its own when the driver isn’t operating the steering wheel. Swerving is a common sign of a driver that isn’t paying attention to the road, or is falling asleep.

Sudden Stops

The first reaction many have when they start to fall asleep while driving is braking immediately upon waking. If a truck suddenly brakes for no reason that you can see, it could be because the driver was nodding off. Additionally, braking at the last second is also a symptom of being too tired to pay close attention to what is occurring around you.

Not Adhering to Signs and Signals

A truck that completely blows through traffic signs and signals could be driven by someone who is too tired to properly operate a vehicle. The fatigue could also cause the driver to miss seeing what is around him, or he may have fallen asleep and kept driving. Call the police if you notice a truck being operated in such a negligent manner.

If you were the victim of a Rockford truck accident caused by driver negligence, contact the attorneys of Fisk and Monteleone. We have helped others in your situation and may be able to assist you.

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