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Tips To Protect Your Children From Summer Vacation Accidents

Many people in Rockford spend sunny spring and summer days outdoors at Rockford Park District, Sinnissippi Park, and other locations. Unfortunately, as more people enjoy the sun, accidents, and injuries occur, including during summer vacation. This fact was illustrated recently when the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that almost two million Americans are hurt during popular summertime activities.

However, you and your children can avoid many accidents on vacation by following the tips below. In addition, if you were hurt in an accident caused by someone’s negligence, our Winnebago County personal injury lawyers at Fisk & Monteleone can assist you.

Car Accidents

Many Illinoisans drive to their destinations for summer vacation, and there can be many dangers. For example, drivers might be unfamiliar with the local roads at their summer vacation destination and rely on GPS, but this makes them less aware of the traffic around them.

Also, excited children in the car can significantly distract from driving, leading to more accidents. There also is a greater chance that adults will be drinking alcohol on vacation, and they may be intoxicated behind the wheel.

You can reduce the chances of your children getting hurt in an accident in the car by knowing your route ahead of time and never drinking and driving. If you get tired while driving to or from your destination, take a break and grab some coffee.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Hundreds of people, including children, are injured on vacation annually in slip and fall accidents. The accident could simply be a slick floor in a grocery store or uneven tile at the hotel. However, slip-and-fall accident victims can have broken bones, torn ligaments and tendons, and even serious head injuries.

Ensure everyone in your vacation party observes their surroundings to avoid these unfortunate accidents. Keeping young children calm while on vacation can be challenging, but doing so can avoid many slip-and-fall mishaps.

Sport Accidents

Many vacationers like to try a new sport while on vacation, whether it is zip lining, rock climbing, water skiing, or caving. However, participants may be less skilled than those who engage in the activities often, and accidents may result.

One way to avoid accidents is to review the credentials of the people who organized the activity. Also, check that their safety equipment is in good working order. If your children will try a sport on vacation, review the company’s safety record online to see if complaints or injuries are reported.

Heatstroke And Other Sun-Related Injuries

Whether you go to Lake Michigan or another body of water for vacation, sunburn, and heatstroke are always risks in the summer. It does not take long for your or your child’s skin to be burned. Even heatstroke is possible if the kids are out in the sun all day in the summer.

If you or anyone in your family feels faint or dizzy after being in the sun for a few hours, take shelter immediately and cool down. Medical attention may also be necessary.

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