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Top Ways to Avoid Road Accidents in Winter

Auto Accident AttorneyWinter is upon us in Rockford, Illinois, and the road conditions can really get tough. One of the common hazards for drivers is the presence of snowy road conditions. These conditions can change the way your vehicle responds, and accidents may happen in unavoidable situations. Here, we share some top ways that you can use to avoid road accidents in winter. However, if you still become part of an accident, you should seek advice from an experienced accident lawyer to receive the ideal compensation from your insurance company.

Winter Tires

The most important tip is to invest in winter tires. Your insurance company may rob you of the ideal compensation in the case of an accident, if you were using the traditional all-weather tires. Winter tires are specially designed to offer improved grip in the snow. They are perfect for tackling snowy road conditions. Not using them allows an insurer to raise a defense that you have been negligent.

The Right Tire Pressure

Your tires support the weight of the car. Snowy road conditions mean that any error that you make is highly magnified and puts you in a risky environment. Having the wrong tire pressure is one driver error. Your tire pressure decreases during the winter. This means that you should inflate your tires a bit more, to ensure that they can perform ideally and maintain the same cushion. You may not need an accident attorney if your tires are delivering the required traction, allowing you to navigate and drive in snowy road conditions.

Slow Acceleration and Braking

A key tip to help you avoid accidents during winter is to always accelerate and brake slowly. Allow your vehicle to maintain its perfect balance and not lose the grip, which may happen if you slam on the pedals. Remember, you may never need to hire an accident attorney, if you are careful and drive slowly in snowy road conditions and stay away from accidents.

You should also brake in a slow and controlled manner. This will allow you to avoid skidding and losing control. A road accident can happen in an instant in winter, and you should be careful in Illinois to avoid conditions where you put yourself at a greater risk. A careful driving method will provide you better control over the vehicle and reduce accidents.

Lack of Concentration

If you own an All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle, this does not mean that you should reduce your concentration and drive as you normally would. Remember, SUV accidents happen regularly in snowy road conditions and you may be blamed for the accident, if you were driving in the same manner as you would during normal road conditions. You will have to pay for the accident, although hiring an accident lawyer will help you avoid undue blame.

Remember, snowy road conditions are dangerous for every vehicle, even if it is powerful and built for off-road conditions. If you are cautious, you can avoid accidents and ensure that you do not pose a risk to others in snowy road conditions.

However, sometimes you may be involved in an accident due to bad weather. Contact Fisk & Monteleone Ltd. today at 815-209-9030 to schedule a free case consultation with one of our experienced attorneys for such situations.