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What Is Talk And Die Syndrome?

David Monteleone
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After an auto accident, you may feel fine for the first few minutes or hours. But did you know there could be severe injuries you are unaware of? For example, you could have an epidural hematoma or another brain injury you do not know about. This is sometimes called Talk and Die Syndrome. If you have been in a car accident, get medical attention, then talk to our Winnebago County personal injury lawyers at Fisk & Monteleone for legal assistance.

Talk And Die Syndrome Overview

Talk and Die Syndrome is when an auto accident victim experiences head trauma but did not get medical attention. You might feel fine and act normally for several hours after the accident. But you could have a brain bleed, also called an epidural hematoma, that leads to brain injury or death.

Talk and Die Syndrome might sound like an urban legend, but the condition is real. While Talk and Die Syndrome is rare, it indicates how grave some head injuries can be even if there are no apparent symptoms after the accident. But many severe head injuries from accidents may not be evident for minutes or hours. That is why if you were in an accident and hit your head, you should go to the ER immediately to be checked for injuries.

The Tragic Case Of Natasha Richardson

Talk and Die Syndrome became more well-known in 2009 because of the tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson. Richardson went skiing with her young child on a ‘bunny slope’, falling and hitting her head on the ground. After the accident, she talked, laughed, and felt fine, so she did not seek medical attention. However, she went to the hospital several hours later with a headache. She went into a coma and died a few days later. The autopsy showed she had a slow brain bleed called an epidural hematoma.

An epidural hematoma causes slow bleeding in the brain after an accident that may not show symptoms at first. But the blood may accumulate slowly in the space between the skull and brain. When sufficient pressure builds up, there can be brain damage and sometimes death.

The impact to the head that Ms. Richardson experienced while skiing was minor. In fact, the impact was less than many people have in minor car accidents. However, it is critical to remember even a ‘minor’ auto accident can lead to a fatal injury.

Always See A Doctor After A Car Accident

Talk and Die Syndrome does not happen often, but it is a vivid example of why getting medical attention after an accident is essential. Even if you think you are unhurt, you may have a severe injury with no symptoms. Going to the ER could be the difference between recovering and passing away from your injury.

Call Our Winnebago County Personal Injury Lawyers

Were you in a recent car accident? You should always have a doctor check you after an accident, even if you think you are uninjured. An epidural hematoma may be unnoticed initially, but it can lead to severe injury or death. Contact our Winnebago County personal injury lawyers at Fisk & Monteleone at (815) 962-0044 if another party caused your accident.