What should I Do after a Motorcycle Accident?

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According to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were approximately 88,000 people injured in motorcycle accidents during 2013. Motorcyclists are at a significant risk of serious injury every time they ride, as their vehicles offer little in the way of protection in the event of an accident or collision. In many cases, motorcycle accident victims are entitled to significant financial compensation under Illinois law. It is extremely important for victims to do everything possible to protect their legal rights to recover. Some of the things that motorcycle accident victims should do after an accident are detailed below. Anyone with specific questions should call a Roscoe personal injury lawyer to discuss their case.
Call 911
The first thing that people who are involved in a motorcycle accident should do is call 911 to ensure that emergency services arrive at the scene as soon as possible. It is important for victims to be evaluated by a paramedic and that any required first aid is administered. In addition, people who have been involved in an accident should make sure that a police report detailing the incident is generated.
Collect information
If victims are able, they should collect and document information regarding the way in which an accident occurred. Examples of the kinds of information to gather include the names of the other people involved in the accident, the license plate numbers of the vehicles, insurance information, and contact information from anyone who may have witnessed the accident.
Undergo a thorough medical evaluation
It is important for motorcycle accident victims to undergo a thorough medical evaluation conducted by a licensed professional, even if they do not believe that they are seriously injured. There are some kinds of injuries, such as whiplash, which may not become symptomatic for days or even weeks after an injury occurs. By undergoing a thorough evaluation, victims can be certain that their injuries are correctly diagnosed and that they receive appropriate treatment. Additionally, seeking medical attention will result in the generation of an official medical record, which may become extremely important should your case become contested.
Retain legal counsel
Anyone who has been involved in any type of motor vehicle accident should retain an attorney as soon as they are able. It should be noted that all Illinois personal injury claims are subject to the state’s statute of limitations, meaning that any delay in retaining legal counsel and filing a claim could jeopardize your ability to recover compensation.
Contact a Roscoe motorcycle accident attorney today to schedule a free case evaluation
Individuals who are injured in motorcycle accidents are often entitled to significant compensation. The types of damages that are often available after a motorcycle wreck include medical expenses, lost income, property damage, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. The attorneys of Fisk & Monteleone LTD. are committed to helping people who have been injured by the negligence of others find justice through the state’s civil court system. To schedule a free consultation with one of our Roscoe personal injury lawyers, please call our office today at 815-315-9206.

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