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Why Do Drivers Fail To Signal Lane Change?

The Illinois Vehicle Code requires us to use turn signals when making a lane change or turning; it is essential to driving safety and accident prevention. However, many drivers do not use turn signals, leading to dangerous situations and serious accidents. If you were in a car accident because someone did not signal a lane change, talk to our Rockford car accident lawyers at Fisk & Monteleone today.

Many Drivers Do Not Use Turn Signals

Imagine driving on I-39 in Rockford towards downtown Chicago, and someone changes lanes into you without signaling. Unfortunately, this situation happens often.

A 2012 Society of Automotive Engineers study confirmed what many of us know: Many drivers fail to use turn signals when turning or changing lanes. Their survey of 12,000 vehicles’ turn signals determined that 48% of people changing lanes did not use turn signals, and 25% did not signal to make a turn. The odds of a car accident rise dramatically when drivers do not use turn signals.

They Forget

Many drivers have other things on their minds when driving, so they simply forget to turn on the signal when making a lane change. Also, drivers may be accustomed to driving without turn signals when other drivers are absent. Whether or not the driver forgets to signal a lane change, they are required to do so. If another driver merges into your vehicle, you should check with a Rockford car accident attorney to determine if you have a case.

They Are Reckless

Reckless driving is another common reason that drivers do not use turn signals. The driver could be upset and purposely try to cut others off. When changing lanes, there may be a lot of traffic in the Rockford area, increasing the chances that someone does not use their signal out of frustration. Or, the driver may weave through traffic and try to get further ahead of traffic without signaling.

They Are Lazy

Unfortunately, some drivers do not signal when changing lanes out of laziness and thoughtlessness. They may also decide not to use the signal because they think it is unnecessary, but the signal should always be used when changing lanes. Why? Other drivers may be surprised by a lane change made without a signal, increasing the odds of a sideswipe or merging accident.

Not taking a moment to flip the turn signal on when making a lane change is a sign that the driver could engage in more dangerous activities that lead to accidents. If you see a driver doing this, you should keep your distance from them.

Broken Turn Signal Or Lights

Turn signals get used often when we are behind the wheel, so they can break. Or, the turn signal lights may be burned out. However, all Illinois drivers are required to keep their vehicles in good working order before entering public roads. Therefore, if the driver hits you when changing lanes because their signal is broken, they could be liable for the accident.

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