Why you Should File a Personal Injury Claim

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You are driving down the road while texting and suddenly you crash into a pole, and suffer from several minor and serious injuries. This is one scenario in which it was your fault that you got injured. Now consider the scenario when someone else was driving while texting and hit you. Now, the injuries you sustained are the driver’s fault, and it is fair that they should be held responsible for every scratch on your body.

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Why Filing for Personal Injury is Necessary?

Here are some good reasons why filing for personal injury claim is the right move:

  • It is quite obvious that the responsible party should compensate you for the damages. Why should you be held legally or financially liable because of someone else’s negligence and carelessness? They should compensate you for medical bills, lost wages, medication and therapy costs, and all the expenses that you incurred during your injury.
  • You have a choice to either file a lawsuit or settle the matter outside the court. In such a situation, the former option is better because insurance companies try to grab every opportunity to save money, and they will most likely offer you compensation amount that is far less than what you deserve. They may not even cover all your medical expenses, let alone compensate you for the pain and suffering you have gone through.
  • If you decide to let the responsible party off the hook, you are giving out the message that it is alright to be negligent and that they can make the same mistake again. This will give them the impression that they won’t be held accountable if they are negligent or careless in the future. On the other hand, if you do file a claim and they have to pay a hefty amount, they will be very careful from there on, that nothing like this happens ever again. This will save many lives from becoming a victim of negligence.
  • If the personal injury has left you in a state that you are unable to earn a living or need ongoing medical support and care, the responsible party should take the financial burden on their shoulders. Not only that, if the injury has affected your family in any way, they should be held liability for it as well.


What should be your Next Step?

Now you know that filing for a personal injury is essential not only for your own sake, but for others’ safety as well, you should know what your next step is. You should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who can walk you through the filing process. They will also help you with calculating the total cost of damages you incurred so that you get an idea of how much you can expect from the personal injury claim.

At Fisk &Monteleone LTD., we understand what victims and their families go through when they are inflicted with a personal injury. That is why our lawyers work hard and with compassion to make sure that the plaintiff gets the rightful compensation. To schedule a free consultation for your personal injury claim, contact us today at 815-209-9030.


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