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Winter Driving: Safety Tips for Slippery Icy Roads in Illinois

Severe weather conditions can be dangerous and bring about unexpected turn of events for motorists. Every season entails its own inherent risks, but when it comes to winter, you will face some of the worst weather for driving on Illinois roadways. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), about 1,300 people die in car accidents that take place on snowy or icy roads each year. Moreover, more than 166,800 people sustain a personal injury from traffic-related accidents during the winter season. While most accidents are a result of poor weather and road conditions, some can be prevented if motorists keep in mind certain driving safety tips.

Winter Driving Safety Tips

To reduce the risk of being in an auto accident this winter, here are some useful driving safety tips:

  • Avoid speeding. Whether you are going to work or somewhere else, leave home early and make sure to drive at a slower speed than usual. This will give you more control over your vehicle and reduce the chance of skidding and slipping while applying brakes or making a turn.
  • Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front. Compared to driving in normal road and weather conditions, you should allow 3 times more space so that you can adjust speed without having to apply brakes suddenly.
  • Before you get behind the wheel, clean the snow off the roof of your car, and while on the road, keep your distance from vehicles that are covered in snow. There is a good chance the wind can blow that snow on your windshield and block your view.
  • Know what kind of brakes you have. If they are anti-lock brakes (ABS) and you need to reduce speed rapidly, press hard on the pedal. It will vibrate a little when the ABS is activated.
  • Never go into the cruise-control mode on an icy road. For safety reasons, it is best that you are in complete control of your vehicle’s speed.
  • If you are moving up a hill with a snowy road, make sure you don’t stop at all, as there is nothing more dangerous than trying to pick up speed in such road conditions. Get some inertia when you are on a flat roadway to smoothly cross the hill.
  • You need to be extra careful on roads that motorists don’t frequently use, such as overpasses, bridges, and others. They may not appear frozen, but they most likely are and can be more dangerous than a normal road.
  • Last and the most recommended safety tip is: stay home. If you don’t have to go out for something important, don’t. Even if you think you can handle your car well on snowy roads, other drivers sharing the road may not be able to do the same.

While the winter season brings several joyous occasions, its potential dangers cannot be overlooked. If you have been in an accident due to the other driver’s negligent acts, you can file a claim to get compensation for the damages. Contact Fisk & Monteleone LTD. today at 815-209-9030 to schedule a free case consultation with one of our experienced auto accident attorneys.