Protecting Your Future after a Workplace Accident in Rockford

If you have been injured on the job and cannot perform your regular duties, you should consider contacting a Rockford workers’ compensation lawyer as you may be entitled to compensation to provide you with an income while you lack the ability to work. Furthermore, if you have a partial ability to work, your employer may be able to provide you a job role that suits your physical condition. However, you should contact an attorney before making any agreements because accepting a new job role may disqualify your claim to workers’ compensation.

Protection with an Accountable Workplace Accident Attorney

To protect your financial future by providing a means of income when you are disabled, you need to find a local reputable attorney to guide you through the process of obtaining workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, not every employer cares for the best interests of their employees. Sadly, some employers attempt to escape payment for work-related injuries by searching for loopholes or by simply refusing to pay. Some employers are far more concerned with the profits of their business than they are about the health and well-being of employees who were injured on the job.

If you meet any amount of resistance from your employer when seeking workers’ compensation, you absolutely need to find an attorney you can trust. Though not every work-related injury is eligible for compensation, the vast majority of injured workers deserve compensation. There are a few exceptions, such as intoxication, that would negate a claim to workers’ compensation. However, you won’t know the details until you speak with an attorney.

Experience You Can Trust

Instead of letting an unethical employer take advantage of your current situation, contact the workplace accident attorneys at Fisk & Monteleone Law Firm. With over 55 years of combined experience, we have developed an unparalleled understanding of workers’ compensation law in Illinois, and we can help you gain the money you deserve. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation at 815-315-0576

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