You May Not Be at Fault if Faulty Tires Caused Your Motorcycle Crash

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Motorcycle accidents occur every day around this nation as a result of distracted drivers, drivers who are texting at the wheel, and drivers who fail to yield to motorcycles. While drivers of cars and trucks cause the majority of motorcycle accidents, bikers themselves also contribute to motorcycle crashes due to speeding, driving aggressively, and driving intoxicated.

Although most motorcycle crashes occur due to the fault of motorists followed by motorcyclists, some causes of motorcycle accidents are the result of defective tires. In fact, many motorcycle tires are recalled every year by tire manufacturers after serious and even fatal motorcycle accidents have occurred. For example, Dunlop was at the center of a defective motorcycle tire lawsuit several years ago after rear motorcycle tires suddenly started deflating—causing riders to lose control and crash.

Sadly, this situation is not unique. There are many motorcycle tire manufacturers who have been involved in motorcycle tire recalls over the years. Some of the reasons include:

  • Tires were poorly designed and constructed
  • Manufacturing errors were made
  • Poor or defective materials were used

Just like passenger vehicle tires, motorcycle tires have been found to be defective and the cause of tire failures and motorcycle accidents. Sadly, this occurs sometimes as a result of cost-cutting measures being prioritized over safety. Unfortunately, manufacturers may recall tires too late, after their faulty tires have already caused serious injuries and fatalities.

If your motorcycle crash along Route 2 was caused as a result of a tire blowout, tread separation, or tire failure, it is possible that a tire defect may be to blame. To determine if you have a claim against the manufacturer for your motorcycle accident and injuries, you will need to keep all the evidence you can collect. Save your tire or tire pieces and contact an accident attorney with experience in investigating and handling motorcycle accident claims.

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