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Have you been in a Northern Illinois auto accident? Do you suspect you were injured? It is probably a good idea to trust your gut and seek medical treatment. Some serious injuries start out with mild symptoms.

Your health should be the priority, but you might have concerns other than getting immediate medical care. You might need to fight to protect your interests, getting the compensation you need to recover.

Sobering Car Accident Statistics

Crashes happen constantly, and injuries are common. There were nearly 100,000 injuries in Illinois in 2018, and over 10% were serious enough to incapacitate the victim.

Do not let yourself or your loved ones become just another statistic in the Illinois annual crash reports or on the insurance company’s balance ledgers. Each case is different, so please make a toll-free call to 815-962-0044 for specific questions. In the meantime, here is what you should know in general:

  • You have rights
  • Your injuries will probably cost more than you expect
  • Nobody is on your side except you and your lawyer

Important Questions

If you were injured, there could be more at stake than you realize at first. Ask yourself this:

  • Did you or a loved one lose significant property value or suffer a serious injury?
  • Is it possible that someone else was to blame for the crash, even partly?
  • Do you trust insurance to pay what you really need for medical costs and lost income?

Essential Rights

At the Fisk & Monteleone Law Firm, we understand you are in pain — and probably confused. This type of suit is often the first time people in and around Rockford have to deal with the law.

You will find that there is a process, and there is a way to navigate it efficiently. What you will not find are shortcuts — at least not anything that ends up getting you the compensation you truly deserve.

With us, you get real lawyers (not clerks), immediate attention, assistance with every aspect of your case and over 50 years of combined auto-accident law experience. We put in the work necessary to see cases through.

You can often help, too. To protect your rights, here are some things that you probably should not do without consulting an attorney first:

  • Do not post on social media, send emails or chat online about the accident, especially not with other drivers
  • Do not consent to recorded conversations with insurance companies if possible, not even on the phone
  • Do not take advice from people unless they are qualified to provide it, familiar with the evidence in your case and ethically bound to work in your best interests
  • Do not sign anything (except an attorney-client representation agreement)

Tenacious Representation For Car Accidents.  No-Risk Call Fisk.

Insurance companies are typically out to make money. Our job is to make you look less like a cost-reduction opportunity to these companies — and more like someone who will never settle for less than is necessary for a full recovery. Contact Fisk & Monteleone Ltd. today at 815-962-0044 to schedule a free consultation. We are here to make things better.