Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents You Should Know to Stay Safe

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Motorcycle Accident AttorneyIt is a completely different and enthralling experience to get out on the road on a motorcycle. Whether you use a motorcycle as a primary means of commute or on the weekends for fun, it is essential that you are careful during your ride. Motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause fatal injuries and death more than any other form of vehicle accident. This is mainly because motorcyclists do not have any sort of protection that can sustain the damage in an accident.

To help make sure you stay safe while riding and avoid injuries, here we have shared some common causes of motorcycle accidents:

1. Head-on Collisions

About 80 percent of motorcycle accidents that result in death are due to a head-on collision. Since there is a huge difference in the relative size and weight of a motorcycle and a typical vehicle, the motorcyclist is at a higher risk of sustaining a fatal injury.

2. Vehicles Making Left Turns

Another common situation leading to a motorcycle accident is when a vehicle is making left-hand turn, which constitutes of about 42 percent of all accidents involving a car and a motorcycle. Mostly, a car making a left turn strikes a motorcycle when the motorcyclist is passing by the car, going straight through an intersection, or trying to overtake the car. This happens for a number of reasons where either or both the vehicle driver and the motorcyclists are at fault. They may include inattentiveness, blind spot, motorcyclist maneuvering past the vehicle, and others.

3. Lane Splitting

Lane splitting takes place when a motorcyclist passes between two lanes of stopped or slowly moving cars, usually in a traffic jam, taking advantage of their maneuverability. It is a common cause of motorcycle accidents because of the reduced space between the lanes, which makes it difficult for a car driver to anticipate a motorcycle to move from beside them in slow moving or stopped traffic.

4. Collisions with Fixed Objects

About 25 percent of motorcyclist deaths are associated with accidents due to collisions with fixed objects. A few reasons for this can be poor visibility, speeding, rash driving, and others. Since motorcycles do not have a body that covers and protects the rider, the collision may result in fatal injuries.

5. Road and Weather Conditions

Issues with the road and bad weather are also a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Adverse road and weather conditions can pose all sorts of problems and lead to accidents causing serious injuries. Some common issues include potholes, slippery and wet surfaces due to rain or snow, irregularities on the roadways, object in the road, among others. It is important that you remain vigilant when riding a motorcycle at all times as anything on the road can become a potential hazard for you.

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