Distracted Driving Behavior Goes Beyond Talking and Texting

David Monteleone
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When we think of distracted driving, we often think of talking or texting while driving. These activities are very dangerous because they take the driver’s focus and attention from the road. As a result, drivers may miss visual or audio cues that could alert them to a potential driving hazard. In addition, it may take them longer to react to a dangerous situation.

Many Rockford parents get the message about the dangers associated with using an electronic mobile device while driving. They turn off their cell phone when they drive because they want to keep their children safe as they take them to and from Spectrum School on Main Street, piano lessons, karate, and soccer practice. However, some are still distracted when they drive, and they may not realize it.

Family Life Can Be Distracting

The race to complete homework and have dinner before the evening activities begin can be stressful. Following are some tips to keep your drive free of distractions:

  • Do not eat and drive. Many busy families stop to pick up a quick snack or dinner on their way to an extracurricular activity. While it is ok for passengers to eat in the car, the driver should not eat and drive at the same time. Eating takes the driver’s hands off the steering wheel and may mean he is unable to react quickly to changing road conditions.
  • Secure the dog. The family dog may love to ride in the car, but may also be a big distraction if he is climbing in the driver’s lap while the car is in motion. Keep everyone safe by securing Fido with a dog seat belt or car harness.
  • Pull over to attend to the kids. It is difficult to help the kids when you are driving. While it may be tempting to try and turn around to comfort the baby or referee a fight, find a safe place to pull over before you try to deal with a problem going on in the back seat.

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