What should I do if my car gets stuck in the snow?


We have all been caught driving in dangerous weather conditions. Getting stuck in the snow during a storm or when it is extremely cold outside can be a frightening experience—it can even be life-threatening. Following are some tips that can help keep you safe until help arrives:

  • Stay in your car unless it is an easy walk to safety. Your car will shelter you from the wind and help to keep you warm and dry. In addition, rescuers will have an easier time finding you if you stay near the car.
  • Wipe snow from your headlights and taillights to make it easier for rescuers to find your car.
  • Clear your tailpipe of ice and snow to prevent toxic carbon monoxide fumes from entering your car when you run the heater. The fumes can kill you very quickly.
  • Don’t spend time outside the shelter of your car. Wait inside the car, with your seat belt buckled, in case you are hit from behind.
  • Run your heater for 15 minutes every hour, with your back window cracked to ensure poisonous fumes do not linger in the car. This will keep you warm while conserving fuel in case you are stranded for a long time.
  • Do not eat snow—it will lower your core temperature too quickly, causing hypothermia. Let it melt in the car near the heat vent before drinking it.

When it is stormy outside, it is best to stay home and wait for conditions to improve. If you must drive, however, be sure to prepare for the drive by carrying a winter survival kit.

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