My spouse died in a Machesney Park motorcycle crash when he laid his bike down to avoid a car that pulled out in front of him. Can I file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the car?


Machesney Park motorcycle crash cases can be difficult—wrongful death lawsuits involving a motorcycle are even more so. Your particular situation is complicated by the fact that your spouse voluntarily laid the bike down and then suffered fatal injuries. However, that does not mean that you have no rights to compensation. Only a Machesney Park wrongful death attorney can review your case and determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Keep in mind, however, that Machesney Park motorcycle crash cases can be complicated by the fact that juries are often biased against motorcycle riders—believing that they are daredevils, who drive with little regard for the safety of other drivers. In addition, because many jurors do not ride a motorcycle, they have little experience with concepts like laying down a bike to avoid a crash.

It is up to an experienced Machesney Park motorcycle accident attorney to weed out jurors who have negative opinions about motorcyclists and to dispel the myth that motorcyclists are not safe drivers. In addition, a skilled attorney will educate the jury on the basics of riding a motorcycle and explain what laying down a bike means and why a rider might choose to do it. Finally, an accomplished Machesney Park motorcycle crash attorney will paint a picture for the jury, showing jurors that the accident victim did everything possible to avoid a crash and escape serious injury.

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