What gear should I take with me when I ride my motorcycle?


Now that spring is here, you may be thinking about getting your bike out. After all, taking your bike for a spin on U.S. 20 before you head to work at the Belvidere Assembly Plant is a fun way to start the day. You have already checked out your motorcycle and taken it to the dealer for its recommended service. Now, you are just waiting for a nice day.

Don’t Leave Home Without These Items

Before you head out on the road, though, be sure you have the right gear stowed on your bike:

  • Cell phone – When you go out for a ride on your motorcycle, be sure to carry a fully charged cell phone with you. It can be invaluable if you have mechanical problems or get into an accident and need assistance.
  • Toolkit – You never know what will happen on the road, so it is important to carry a compact set of tools with you when you ride. You may wish to consider including flat and Phillips screwdrivers, pliers and cutters, a basic set of combination wrenches, cable ties, safety wire, lubricant, a spark plug wrench, Allen wrenches, a pressure gauge, and a shop towel in your toolkit.
  • First aid kit – Motorcycle accidents can be serious, so it is important to carry a basic first aid kit with you. You can purchase a first aid kit at a discount store or pharmacy or put one together on your own.
  •  Motorcycle manual – Be sure to bring your owner’s manual with you when you ride. It can help you troubleshoot mechanical problems and may even help you to solve minor problems.
  • Tire-repair equipment – A flat tire is not a common occurrence, but it can stop you dead in your tracks if it happens. A simple flat-repair kit and a small pump can be a lifesaver—allowing you to get your bike to a tire to a repair shop for a permanent fix or a new tire.