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How Are Personal Injury Attorneys Paid?

After you are injured because of someone’s negligence, you may want to hire a personal injury attorney to help you receive compensation. But how is a personal injury attorney paid? Learn how personal injury attorneys are paid in this article, then

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Common Lawyer Fee Arrangements

An attorney usually offers three fee arrangements types: contingency arrangements, hourly rate, or flat fee. Many attorneys charge hourly for their work, depending on the specific legal task. For instance, your attorney may charge a lower rate for performing legal research but more to depose a witness. Also, if your attorney charges per hour, they may request a retainer.

On the other hand, contingency fee arrangements are a popular way for Rockford personal injury attorneys to be paid. You usually do not have to pay the lawyer unless a settlement or favorable verdict is reached. Many contingency agreements allow the attorney to keep 30%-40% of the money the client receives after the case is resolved.

Many personal injury cases use a contingency fee that many injury clients prefer. The reasoning is that they do not usually need to pay money in advance for the case, which is helpful when you are injured and unable to work.

Attorneys may also offer clients a flat fee for the legal work. With a flat fee, you would pay a flat rate no matter how many hours the lawyer works on your case, regardless of the outcome. A flat fee arrangement is often the most affordable for essential legal matters, including record expungement or writing a will.

Additional Legal Costs

Legal cases also have additional costs, including filing fees, photocopying, hiring expert witnesses, travel expenses, etc. If your personal injury attorney works on a contingency agreement, they may or may not request that you pay legal fees. Some personal injury attorneys also cover legal expenses during the case and take it from the settlement.

Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Understandably, some personal injury victims hesitate to hire an attorney because of the costs. However, if your attorney charges a contingency fee, there is no reason not to retain a lawyer. You are only billed a percentage of whatever money you get from the case, and the percentage is listed in your legal contract. So, you should always know what the attorney’s services will cost.

Also, hiring an attorney on a contingency fee basis means they are highly motivated to get you more money for your case. They also know how to negotiate with insurance companies to get the most money for you. Few non-attorneys are as effective at insurance negotiations, and if the case goes to court, your attorney will have the skill and experience to convince the jury that the other party was negligent.

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