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How Common Are Car Accidents From Failure To Use Turn Signal?

David Monteleone
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Auto accidents happen daily in Chicago, and many of them could be prevented if drivers obeyed the rules. For example, some auto accidents happen simply because drivers fail to use their turn signals. Learn about turn signal accidents in this article; our Illinois car accident attorneys at Fisk & Monteleone can help if you need legal advice.

Why Are Turn Signals Important While Driving?

Turn signals are required under state law when changing lanes, parking, merging, exiting, and turning. Using a turn signal is not just a courtesy to the drivers and pedestrians around you. A turn signal communicates your intentions on the road and acts as a warning for other drivers to understand what you will do.

For example, interstate drivers who see another car using a turn signal are likelier to slow down, provide space, and keep a safe distance. When a driver uses a turn signal to show the intent to turn, other drivers can anticipate the action, slow down, change lanes, or stop safely to avoid an accident.

Whatever motor vehicle you drive, you should always signal before turning, changing lanes, merging, exiting, or parking. Even if you think there are no other drivers around, always using your turn signal is a good habit.

The study found that not using turn signals can cause more crashes with other vehicles and pedestrians, leading to severe or fatal injuries.

How Often Does Failure To Use Turn Signals Cause Accidents?

A Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) study showed that not using turn signals when driving is a common problem. Drivers in the study did not use their turn signals when changing lanes 48% of the time and did not use a signal when turning 25% of the time. Also, many drivers leave their turn signals on too long after changing lanes and use the wrong turn signal when turning 10% of the time.

When Should You Use A Turn Signal?

Driving laws vary by state, but in Illinois, you should use a turn signal any time you need to communicate a change in direction to another driver. Common examples include:

  • Turning: Whatever type of road you are on, always use your turn signal when turning left, right, or engaging in a U-turn.
  • Merging: Drivers should use their turn signal to show they will change lanes or merge onto a highway.
  • Passing: You should usually use the left lane when passing and signal before doing so.
  • Parking spots: When pulling into or out of a parking spot, you should always show your intent with your turn signal.
  • Parking lots: More than 50,000 accidents happen in parking lots annually, and many could be prevented by drivers using a signal when turning or pulling into or out of a parking space.

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