How Common Are Car Accidents in Ogle County Illinois?  

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car accidents in Ogle CountyVehicle collisions kill or seriously injure thousands of people in Ogle County every year. Human error, mostly driver error is behind over 90 percent of car accidents. Typically, this error involves negligence or a lack of care. Most noncommercial drivers have a duty of reasonable care. They must ensure that both they and their vehicles are fit to drive. Once behind the wheel, they must obey the rules of the road and avoid accidents when possible.

If negligence causes a vehicle collision, a car accident lawyer in Ogle County can normally obtain substantial compensation for victims and their families. This compensation typically includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Victims need and deserve this compensation so they can move on with their lives.

What Causes Car Wrecks?

Driver impairment causes most of the car wrecks in Illinois. Some examples of driver impairment include:

  • Substance Abuse: Alcohol and drugs, whether they are legal or illegal, cause about half of the fatal traffic accidents in the Prairie State. Substance impairment usually begins with the first sip, puff, or pill. Effects include slow reaction times and clouded judgment ability.
  • Fatigue: Drowsiness and alcohol have roughly the same effect on the body and brain. Driving after eighteen consecutive awake hours, which is like a long day at work, is like driving with a .05 BAC level. Furthermore, many drivers are fatigued at certain times of day, such as early in the morning, no matter how much rest they’ve recently had.
  • Distraction: Hand-held cell phones combine all three forms of distracted driving. Users take their hands off the wheel (manual), take their eyes off the road (visual), and take their minds off driving (cognitive). Using a hands-free phone while driving is equally as impairing. Other forms of distracted driving include eating and drinking while driving.

Operational errors, such as speeding, also cause many car wrecks in the United States. Speed increases the risk of a wreck and the force of a collision. Other operational mistakes include running a red light and making an illegal turn or lane change.

What Should I Do After a Car Wreck?

These victims should always see a doctor and a car accident lawyer in Ogle County as soon as possible after an accident.

Prompt medical treatment is important for health reasons. Adrenaline often masks pain in these situations. So, many victims don’t know how badly they are hurt. This treatment is also important for legal reasons. If victims don’t immediately see doctors, if the case goes to court, the insurance company might later argue that the victim’s injuries were not very severe.

Many victims have no insurance or money. In these situations, an attorney can connect a victim to a doctor who charges nothing upfront for medical care.

Attorneys are more than facilitators. They also evaluate your accident and determine how much compensation you might be entitled to. Even if an emergency responder or insurance adjuster said you were at fault, the other driver might be legally responsible for damages.

Count on a Dedicated Ogle County Attorney

Accident victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Ogle County car accident lawyer, contact Fisk & Monteleone, Ltd at 815-315-0574. You have a limited amount of time to act.