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How Is Wrongful Death Liability Proven In Drug Overdose

David Monteleone
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Prescription drug overdoses are on the rise across America. The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Overdose Death Rates found that 70,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2017 alone. That number includes prescription drug overdoses. Also, the CDC reports that opioid overdoses caused 68% of these fatalities. If you think you lost a loved one to a drug overdose because of someone’s negligence, speak to our wrongful death lawyer in Rockford at Fisk & Monteleone today.

What Causes Drug Overdoses?

Some fatal drug overdoses occur because of a patient’s mistake. For instance, someone may take too much Vicodin or Percocet because they misread the label. Or, perhaps the patient decided to take three doses at once because she forgot to take her pills earlier. Sometimes the patient may also choose to take their own life by overdosing. There also are cases where families sue drug dealers in a civil lawsuit after the drug dealer is convicted of criminal charges.

However, fatal drug overdoses also may be because of a medical mistake. Other common reasons include improper marketing of the drug or doctor negligence. If you are in any of these situations, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Illinois to recover damages. A Rockford wrongful death lawyer may be able to help you receive compensation for your mental anguish, financial losses, and more.

More Examples Of When A Wrongful Death Lawsuit May Be Appropriate

There are many scenarios where someone’s negligence could lead to a drug overdose. Here are several examples:

  • The physician prescribes your loved one a drug, but the dosage is lethal.
  • The pharmacist gives a patient a drug but at too high a dose. The patient takes the prescribed amount and passes away.
  • A substance abuse facility does not provide the proper treatment to a patient.
  • The physician does not fully explain a drug’s side effects and risks. As a result, the patient becomes addicted and dies from an overdose. The medical facility also could be held liable for the doctor’s mistake.
  • The pharmaceutical company improperly markets its products or hides the risk, such as it being highly addictive.

Doctors must evaluate the patient’s medical history and check their physical condition. Then, they should determine the correct drug and medication. Some doctors also write prescriptions outside their area of expertise, which can cause severe patient injuries.

It is often challenging to prove negligence in a drug overdose case. However, the wrongful death lawyers at Fisk & Monteleone will hold the responsible parties accountable.

Contact Our Wrongful Death Lawyers In Rockford

Did you lose a loved one because of a drug overdose? When you lose your loved one because of medical negligence, it can devastate your life. Losing a parent or partner can lead to years of financial problems and profound emotional loss.

You should speak to a personal injury attorney today to determine if someone was negligent in your loved one’s death. Fisk & Monteleone can assist you. Contact our wrongful death lawyers in Rockford today at (815) 962-0044 for a complimentary consultation about your wrongful death case.