Rockford, Illinois, Traffic Injury Lawyers Offer Legal Insights for Victims

When you are involved in a serious Illinois motor vehicle accident, you may wonder what a lawyer would say. Find out by visiting The Fisk & Monteleone Law Firm site. Our blog posts deal with the most common questions and topics in Illinois personal injury law. Make the right decisions in your case with help from our top Rockford personal injury blog posts.

A Wrongful Death Lawsuit: The Basics

The pain of losing a spouse, parent, or child in a motor vehicle accident is unimaginable—especially when the other driver could have prevented the accident. Whether you lost a loved one in a car crash on Spring Creek Road in Rockford, a truck wreck on I-39, or a motorcycle accident on Illinois Route 2 near Byron, you are struggling emotionally and financially to cope with the terrible loss. You may also be trying to learn more about wrongful death suits, but the whole thi...
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Black Ice: What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Many avid motorcyclists ride all winter long—driving to work at Steiner Electric in Loves Park, picking up groceries at Valli Produce, or even riding to Lowden State Park near Oregon to see the majestic Blackhawk Statue. With the right gear, a winter ride can be exhilarating. However, it can also be dangerous due to slick road conditions and black ice. What Is Black Ice? Black ice is a thin layer of clear ice that forms on the surface of the road, without bubbles or any o...
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Baby It’s Cold Outside! Keep a Winter Survival Kit in Your Car

It is snowing heavily one night, and you are scheduled to work the late shift at the Byron Generating Station. You put on your coat, get in the car, and head south on Illinois Route 2. All of a sudden, you hit a patch of ice and slide off the road into the ditch. You are not hurt, but it is dark outside and there is nobody around. A winter survival kit is essential for handling an emergency like this with ease. Unfortunately, many people never get around to assembling one. H...
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The Weather Outside Is Frightful. Adjust Your Driving to Avoid a Serious Truck Accident

Bitter cold, driving snow and ice, strong winds, and reduced visibility can make your commute on I-90 eastbound to the Chrysler Assembly Plant in Belvidere quite treacherous. When you consider the heavy traffic and large number of tractor-trailers and other large trucks sharing the road with you during rush hour, the trip starts to look even more dangerous. Colliding with a large truck is the last thing you want to do—a heavy truck will always win out over a smaller passeng...
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How Does Criminal Justice Differ from Civil Justice When it Comes to Wrongful Death?

One morning, your son was on his way to an early class at Rock Valley College. As he headed north on Mulford Road, just past the intersection at Spring Creek Road, a southbound driver drifted into the northbound lane and plowed head-on into his car. Emergency workers transported him to OSF Saint Anthony Hospital, where he died three days later. You found out that the southbound driver was drunk at the time of the crash. You are devastated and angry and you want the drunk driv...
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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Illinois? The Answer May Surprise You

Your spouse was driving north on Illinois Route 2 towards Rockton when a southbound SUV lost control, crossed the grassy median, and caused a head-on collision. Your spouse suffered catastrophic injuries and died at the scene of the crash. You found out later that the driver of the SUV was driving under the influence of alcohol. You are devastated and angry—trying to comfort your children and hold your family together. If the deceased victim left a will, the person or enti...
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Having a Few Drinks? Find Out How Your Blood-Alcohol Concentration Is Affected

Riding a motorcycle, whether on North Second Street in Loves Park, Machesney Road in Machesney Park, or Alpine Road in Rockford, takes coordination, focus, and judgment. Many bikers believe that a couple of drinks loosen them up and actually helps them ride better. Nothing could be farther from the truth. After a drink or two, your brain is affected—even if you feel "fine" to ride. In fact, one of the first signs of alcohol impairment is a driver's inability to recognize i...
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